• Ammodet® - 5L
General Description:
  • Ammodet is an ammoniated scouring cream which is used for effective lifting of stubborn dirt.
  • Ammodet can be used for all general surfaces and dirt types and is non-scratch.
  • Ammodet has a pH level of 10.5 which makes it effective at removing oily dirt types.
  • Ammodet is not recommended as a general floor cleaner, but is excellent for spot cleaning.

Advantages and Features:
  • Ammodet is very effective at lifting stubborn dirt build-ups.
  • The ammonia ingredient in Ammodet allows for dissolving of some organic dirt particles.
  • Ammodet can be used neat and is in a cream formula allowing for easy application.
  • Ammodet is non-foaming.

  • Above the floor surfaces: Damp wiping using it undiluted with a microfiber cloth.
  • Above the floor surfaces heavy dirt: use a hand pad with some Ammodet and scrub in a circular motion. (Take care on sensitive surfaces not to use the hand pad)
  • Floors: Only recommended for stubborn dirt spots and can be used with a edge cleaning tool and pad or scrubbing brush.
  • The area should be well rinsed after using Ammodet.

Product Technical Information:

Available in:
  • 5-litre container - Ready to use

Main ingredient actions:
  • Tusk Strip is a chemical that uses its corrosive properties to strip off old sealer
  • Sodium Hydroxide is used to stabilize the pH – this is caustic
  • 2-Butoxyenthanol is the solvent that works at dissolving the old polymer sealer.

Ammodet® - 5L

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